Susie Laws, Director & Chartered Financial Planner
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The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s and left many feeling uncertain about their financial future, not to mention their investment strategy. There was a predictable panic to sell as the crisis took hold, but our advice has always been that investing is a long-term strategy and this remains the case. 21% of investors surveyed by Columbia Threadneedle wish they’d had a proper financial plan or had sought financial advice prior to the pandemic and 33% said they wanted a more diversified portfolio. Investing isn’t a science but there are some principles we’d always recommend.

Understand that any investments should be held with a long-term view.

There will inevitably be periods when markets and investments go down over the short term.  At Fiducia, we build our portfolios based on strategic long-term key themes, which we adjust tactically throughout the year to take into account current economic conditions.

Ensure that you have a forward-looking investment proposition

People too often focus on historic returns and performance, rather than looking forward to what may happen.  Any good investment proposition should be forward looking.  For instance, commercial property has historically been a steady and relatively low risk asset but, with the dramatic economic changes which Covid-19 has brought, certain types of property (retail, central London office space for instance) are likely to struggle going forward.

Ensure that you hold a diversified portfolio.

The adage of not holding all your eggs (or in this case investments) in one basket holds true.  When building a portfolio, try to ensure that the assets are as uncorrelated as possible to ensure that you can weather any economic difficulties which may occur.  The diversification can be geographical (UK, US, Far East, Emerging Markets) as well as by investment type (Equities, Property, Fixed Interest, Commodities etc).

The coronavirus crisis has been an unprecedented, brutal and devastating shock. But in its aftermath, it’s going to be many of those tried and trusted investment principles that we can rely on to rebuild portfolios. At Fiducia, we adopt an intrinsically personal approach to wealth management and regular reviews form a part of this strategy to ensure your financial plan is meeting your needs as circumstances change.

As a chartered firm of independent financial advisers, our job is not to sell things but to solve problems and to help you achieve your financial goals. Investment involves risk; but it also brings opportunities.

If you’d like to discuss your investment goals, or simply have a chat about any area of financial planning, then please call or visit the website to make an appointment with me.

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Susie Laws, Director & Chartered Financial Planner

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