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On Friday 11th February Fiducia Co-Owner & Chartered Financial Adviser Susie Laws visited Framlingham College to talk personal finance with over 80 students.

Our school’s initiative is aimed at improving the financial literacy of the next generation of workers in the UK.

Topics such as Mortgages, Credit Cards, ISAs, Pensions, Student Loans etc, cannot be found on the curriculum for students across the UK.

We think these are critical areas of personal finance for the future generation to understand.

Becoming an adult, as most will admit, can be quite daunting. Understanding and knowing the importance of saving/spending habits will help our future generations to become more financial literate.

As we have found in previous presentations throughout the programme, the students had many questions and were fully engaged throughout.

A huge thank you to Framlingham College for inviting us to their stunning facilities, we look forward to returning again in the future.

Personal finance is often something people do not openly discuss with others, family included. However, if we want to change the data in the future, we should be acting today. Have you spoke to your child about personal finance?

If you have a child in high school would like them to better understand personal finance, please contact a member of our team, we’d be happy to arrange a visit to their school.