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As we monitor, evaluate and adapt to deal with the unprecedented blow that Covid-19 has impacted on our lives and the global economy, Fiducia is acutely aware of the struggle that many business owners are facing. Many of our clients run successful businesses themselves and its for you that we feel our forthcoming event may provide useful tips, insights and reassurance, plus the opportunity to ask questions.

As a firm proud of our professional and business connections as well as longstanding client-relations, we have partnered with Blackmore Four consulting to deliver a free webinar focusing on how to survive and future proof your business during the chapter of Covid-19, readying yourself and your team to grow and develop.

Blackmore Four is an independent consulting company, working with businesses through periods of growth or significant change. They offer specialist advice and tailored solutions to businesses looking to sustain or improve the effectiveness of their organisation. Their approach is based on a deep understanding of human behaviour at work and an ability to identify and address the specific leadership and organisational development needs of your business. We were introduced to Matt Lovell, the Business Development Manager of Blackmore Four, at a Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Networking Meeting and it is this shared interest in supporting businesses that has brought us to collaborate here.

The aim of the session is to create greater understanding of each other’s services by providing thought provoking insight on how to protect the internal elements of their business, namely your finances (Fiducia) and your people (Blackmore Four).  It is hoped attendees will learn how to diversify their financial planning away from their business, whilst still supporting their profit; how to maintain business whilst making best use of the people inside their team(s); how they can prepare their organisation for growth when COVID-19 risk is reduced and understand the definition of and need for Organisational Effectiveness.

What can you expect to learn?

Blackmore Four

Adapt & Maintain:

  • Key Takeaway 1 – Making best use of what you have (key skills and decision making)
  • Key Takeaway 2 – Importance of re-assessing team structures, systems and processes
  • Key Takeaway 3 – Make decisions with the future business in mind

Prepare & Equip:

  • Key Takeaway 1 – Understand the future needs of the business – all elements of OE
  • Key Takeaway 2 – Identify the critical leadership attributes for your future business
  • Key Takeaway 3 – COVID-19 is an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of the organization in the future

Fiducia Wealth Management

Benefits of Diversification:

  • Key Takeaway 1- Is your business really your retirement plan?
  • Key Takeaway 2- How can your pension support your business?
  • Key Takeaway 3- Your business and your estate planning
  • Key Takeaway 4 -Tax planning, bringing the strategy together