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Posted in Fiducia News, Wealth Management on 22.07.22
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The past 12 months have been exciting times for us as a company. Over that period we have had several new members of staff join the company as our growth journey continues. One of whom was James Crisell, who switched career paths and joined team Fiducia.

With arguably one of the longest business titles in Fiducia history – Client Services Administrator & Investment Assistant, James has been an excellent addition to the team. In under a year, he has surpassed all expectations and passed his CII Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

So who is James Crisell?

James was born in 1996 and raised in Lawford with his younger brother Will, just a short trip from our head office in Dedham.

From a young age James was a keen football fan and still to this day can be found most weekends playing for Stanway Rovers. Aside from playing, James supports Chelsea and is excited for the Premier League to start in August.

When he’s not playing football, James is busy spending time with his girlfriend Meg. When asked how he met Meg – a Dental Nurse from Colchester, James admits it wasn’t the most romantic of meetings;

“We met through our best friends on a night out in Colchester, it wasn’t particularly romantic but look at us now…we own a house together and I’ve found a new hobby…gardening!”

James’ first job was as a sports coach in 2012 and in 2020, James joined the accounts department at a law firm. James quickly took a keen interest in investments and financial planning and began studying towards the DipPFS. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

He joined Fiducia in October 2021 and passed his Level 4 Diploma in March 2022. Despite his exam success, James has his eyes set on more career progression at the company. James hopes to join the technical team here at Fiducia towards the end of 2022, and begin working towards Chartered Status. Whilst he looks forward to the next step in his career, he remains humble and grateful for the opportunities and support Fiducia have given him already;

“The company have been extremely supportive since I joined and continue to encourage me to progress my career. We have a great team at Fiducia, I’m really pleased to be a part of the company’s future.”

When he’s not at work and is lounging around the house, James openly admits his favourite tv program is the classic US sitcom Friends, proudly announcing he’s probably seen every episode multiple times and would happily watch them all again.

James’ perfect movie night in includes eating a pepperoni pizza, washed down with a Madri lager whilst ‘A Few Good Men’ plays on the box. Anyone disagreeing with James’ film choice, now would seem the perfect time to recall the films famous line – ‘You can’t handle the truth’.

For a young man with a fantastic career in finance ahead of him, James certainly shows his maturity and knowledge when asked if there are any business leaders he admires;

“Warren Buffett – to be 91 and still at the level he is at, and to have had investment performance to the level he has had for 70 odd years is incredible, and admirable.”

As a company we are really pleased with the start James has made to his career in finance and look forward to providing him with the support he needs to continue his career progression in the future.

James is a very well respected and well-liked member of our team and we look forward seeing him thrive with us in the future.

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