Having met many business owners and directors over the last few years, I was staggered to learn how many of them had never come across or even heard of a relevant life policy. If you are one of them, you are not alone so keep reading to learn how you could potentially save thousands on your personal life assurance.

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Posted in Fiducia News, Protection on 06.08.19
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So, what is it?

Simply put, a relevant life plan is a single life assurance policy which provides death in service benefits for an individual up until a maximum age of 75. This is designed to provide a lump sum benefit on death during employment.

What is the magic?

It is a death in service benefit paid by the employer with no tax consequences for the individual employee. There would be no tax and national insurance for the employee to pay and it is not classed as a benefit in kind which could also be subject to tax.


A lot of people are aware of the importance of life assurance and set up a policy to pay out a lump sum to their family in the event of their death. The monthly premium is paid out of personal wealth or salary that has been already been subjected to income tax and national insurance (NI), both on the employer and employee.

Let me show you.

Imagine the annual premium was £1,000 and you are a 40% tax-payer. To pay the premium you would need a gross payment of £1,724.14, as income tax (£689.66) and NI (£34.48) would be deducted. On top of that the firm pay employer NI (£237.93).

Hang in there… this is a total gross cost of £1,962 which the company would get corporation tax relief on (£372.79).

Imagine you are the director of a limited company and paying for your own life assurance.

Total net cost = £1,589.28 per year for an annual premium of £1,000 per year.


Now imagine that same premium of £1,000 was in a relevant life plan. As it is paid by the business and should qualify as a business expense, there would be no national insurance, no income tax on the employee and corporation tax relief (£190) would mean that the net cost is dramatically less.


The net cost provides a saving of 49%! Over several years, the savings can run into many thousands.

Moral of the story

Speak to a specialist in this field, like Fiducia Wealth Management, and find out ways to be tax-efficient and save money.


Employees, directors and salaried partners.

Typically, we set these up for directors who are also business owners.


It costs nothing to talk with us and find out what the premiums are likely to be.
If you are business owner talk to us today. There are a range of different plans that could safeguard your needs and those of your staff.

Fiducia Wealth Management
Posted in Fiducia News, Protection on 06.08.19

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