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Posted in Fiducia News on 02.05.14

An event to remember…The Fiducia Charity Challenge 2014

On the 6th June Fiducia will be holding its annual fund raising event ‘the charity challenge’ an event that in previous years has been anticipated and enjoyed by all. In attendance will be local professional firms who will battle it out over a series of individual and team events to see who can take home those sought after prizes and gain those all-important bragging rights for the year to come. Will the attendees be able to wrestle the crown from defending champions Ellison’s Solicitors?

The event will allow those competing to battle it out one on one in the following individual events:

  1. A no holds bar football shoot out (to see who Mr Hodgson forgot to take to Brazil)
  2. A NBA style basketball challenge
  3. An all-out tennis skill contest
  4. A test of aim with tricky Rope quoits

Following this there will be a series of team events where our attendees will all fight it out over four events including:

  1. Spaghetti tower
  2. A good old fashioned egg and spoon race
  3. Gutter ball
  4. Space hopper relay

The team who consistently performs in all four events will be named the champions of The Fiducia Charity Challenge 2014 a prestigious and illusive title only given to a chosen few.

There will also be a barbecue, drinks and a general opportunity for the teams to socialise all in aid of a good cause. Our selected charity this year is Canine Partners a fantastic charity that trains dogs to assist those with disabilities so they can enjoy greater independence and a better quality of life. See their website at for more information on this really great charity.

This year’s attendees will be:

But who will claim the prize? Will Ellisons retain their title? Or will a new team of contenders step up to the plate? We will have to wait until June the 6th to find out.

Fiducia Wealth Management
Posted in Fiducia News on 02.05.14