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Trustee Service

We offer to undertake a detailed analysis of the current trust investment portfolio, highlight any areas of concern in relation to the Trustee Act 2000 and propose solutions to address these issues.

Understanding the changing nature of the investment environment has become an increasingly important, yet onerous task for trustees. In addition, the introduction of the Trustee Act 2000 has imposed a greater duty of care on trustees to ensure the trust’s investments are managed in the best possible manner, thereby requiring trustees to seek and implement the best and appropriate investment solutions available.

To ensure compliance with the Act it is vital to recognise and understand changes in the investment environment and implement a structured review process.

Our Trustee Investment and Suitability report will cover the following areas:

  • Summary of Recommendations
  • The impact of tax on the trust portfolio
  • Suitability of the investment assets to meet the objectives
  • Asset Allocation in relation to stated benchmarks
  • Investment performence of:
    • Overall portfolio
    • Asset classes
    • Individual funds
  • Suitability of chosen products
  • Statement of Investment fees

The benefits to trustees and their professional advisers are:

  1. The programme provides trustees and professionals with a clear strategy for dealing with the implications of the Trustee Act for the beneficiaries, which will include a review of the Statement of Investment Policy.
  2. The Report will enable trustees and other professionals to demonstrate they are providing a structured approach to the management of the trust assets.
  3. If appointed, Fiducia will report annually or if required more frequently to ensure the trust investments are managed in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policy.