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Critical Illness Cover

More than one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime*. Developments in medical science means more of us survive critical conditions which in itself creates more financial difficulties due to long periods of treatment and convalescence after which we may not be able to return to our original occupation.

Critical Illness policies pay out on the diagnosis of a specific critical condition, this capital lump sum at such a time can provide the means to pay for medical costs, alterations to your home or to replace lost income.

Critical illness cover can be a standalone arrangement, or added to life assurance to form a fully comprehensive solution.

As with most forms of insurance, there are a complex array of options to choose from and finding the right level of cover for your needs is not always straightforward.  Our team of experienced advisers can help to guide you through the choices to ensure you secure the most appropriate solution.


* Source: Cancer Research UK