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Wealth Management & Wealth Preservation

Financial Planning

Unlike Financial Advice, which typically considers one or two subjects in isolation and at a point in time, Financial Planning is an ongoing and evolving process that evaluates the consequences that a course of action may have on the holistic plan.

It is a cyclical process to be regularly reviewed and updated as can be seen from the Six Steps.

  1. An initial meeting, which is your fact find on Fiducia and to identify the factual and personal information needed to begin the process of writing a financial plan, in effect your personal balance sheet.
  2. A discussion to explore and understand your personal and financial goals, objectives and timescales, as well as your attitude to risk.
  3. The analysis of all the hard and soft facts as well as the implications of your risk profile.
  4. The preparation of a draft report containing analysis and outline proposals for further discussion.
  5. Discussion and agreement with you as to the final Report including priorities, action to be taken and liaison with other professionals such as lawyers and accountants, culminating in the implementation of the agreed plan.
  6. An annual meeting with you to review and monitor, re-assess and implement further action as necessary.