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Wealth Management & Wealth Preservation

Estate Planning

The wish to leave wealth to future generations and to avoid unnecessary Inheritance Tax are often key considerations. However, the understandable concern for your children and grandchildren has to be balanced with your own financial needs for the rest of your life.

Estate Planning begins with your wishes in terms of how your estate is to be managed and for whom.The detail of the actual plan may include gifts, the use of trusts, a review of your will, investment plans and lastly life assurance to fund the tax arising on the residual estate.

We do not draw up Wills or Powers of Attorney but we do advise on how they fit in to the overall plan.

If you have suffered a recent family bereavement we can also help you through the often challenging process of obtaining grant of probate

Wills and Powers of Attorney

You will be aware of the need to have a valid Will, however this is often overlooked as is the need to regularly update the will to ensure it continues to reflect your circumstances and wishes.


Lifetime transfers of wealth can be made in trust as a form of asset protection and to ensure monies reach the intended beneficiaries.


A lifetimes accumulated wealth will include assets such as a private residence, savings and investments, perhaps also shares in a private company. Where assets are liquid a review of investment strategies can result in a considerable saving in Inheritance Tax (IHT).


Where wealth consists mainly of illiquid assets, such as property, an appropriate life policy in trust can provide the means to settle the Inheritance Tax so preventing the sale of the asset.

Probate Services

Bereavement can be very stressful for all concerned without the added burden of dealing with a loved one’s estate. Obtaining the grant of probate, which is required before assets can be distributed, can be a long, complex and time consuming process. Our time and knowledge is at your disposal.