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Wealth Management & Wealth Preservation

What we do

We provide comprehensive financial advice to private clients, business owners and trustees.

Our advice can be focused on one or more subjects such as pension, investment or estate planning or it can extend to our full holistic Financial Planning service.

The initial or discovery meeting is without cost or obligation and is to enable you to decide if you wish to appoint Fiducia to act on your behalf. Following that meeting we will write and set out what we understand are your key concerns and their prioritisations. At that time we will also indicate our fees to report and advise on that agenda. If you give your agreement we will collate and analyse all the relevant detail in order to produce a report and recommendation for you to consider. A further meeting then takes place for your feedback and response in order to hopefully arrive at an agreed course of action and implementation. Once the full agenda has been through that process, the final plan is reviewed periodically, in the case of investment arrangements every twelve months.

Financial planning is a two way process and to be effective both factual and personal information has to be gathered and then considered. Clients have commented ‘you know more about me than I do myself’!

We are only too aware that we are entrusted with personal  and potentially sensitive information which is why our relationship with you will always be highly confidential.

If you would like to arrange an initial meeting to explore this process,we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Financial Planning

A process that establishes a long term holistic plan and so is able to evaluate the effects of subsequent events and decisions on the attainment of that plan, so it can be regularly reviewed and updated.

Investment Management

Investment strategies can be tailored to portfolios of any size, whether to accumulate wealth, typically during the middle stages of life, through to the preservation or in later life where higher income and capital spend maybe necessary.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are just starting your working life, or looking forward to imminent retirement, we are able to provide comprehensive Financial Advice to guide you through the complex choices you may have to make. After all, retirement planning is not just limited to pensions but should include many savings and investment strategies.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning begins with your wishes in terms of how your estate is to be managed and for whom.The detail of the actual plan may include gifts, the use of trusts, a review of your will, investment plans and lastly life assurance to fund the tax arising on the residual estate.

Later Life Planning

At Fiducia we have extensive experience of helping clients plan for later life, whether through pensions and investments or more specialist areas of advice such as Long Term Care.

Protecting Your Family

Your family is your greatest achievement but also your greatest responsibility and therefore financial protection should be at the very top of the list of priorities – unless of course the appropriate planning is already in place.

If you do have existing cover it should be checked to see if it is sufficient and cost effective, whether it will go to the intended beneficiaries directly or will be subject to probate delays. If you have no insurance or it is insufficient cover we can advise how it can be best provided within a budget.